Art Based Team Empowerment

ABTE is a journey within your organization with as a destination the making of a collective artistic work. It is an innovative approach that makes it possible to vivify, elaborate and translate the identity of an organization.


The process involves bringing to light the sources of inspiration that lie within any organization such as its purpose, vision, mission, values, and culture.


From these sources each one is invited to participate in the creation of a metaphor in the material form of an artistic work that will represent all that constitutes the very essence of the organization.


Much more than a work of art, the ABTE allows everyone and the group to leave his comfort zone to "discover" himself and highlight his unique character (s).


The ABTE projects bring to light the collective intelligence of the organisation. It reveals the potential of the group, the team and the individual; as well as their multiple and diverse creative forces.



  • Explore and discover the foundations of the organization
  • Finding the meaning of your commitment
  • Discover and appreciate the unlimited potential of the group
  • To meet and exchange on the organization through an artistic approach
  • Revealing new talents
  • Exit from comfort zone
  • Embracing Creativity and the Creative Process

Painting, theater, storytelling are other artistic forms also used in ABTE.