Art of Hosting

The Art of Hosting (AoH) is an approach for all those who aspire to learn and find better ways to work in groups.


It is an Art that contributes to the establishment of evolutionary and flexible systems, anchored on a shared leadership to make them to stronger. It proposes a reflection, values and techniques to move concretely along this path.


It builds on collective intelligence, the sharing of experiences and knowledge to generate ideas and solutions for effective action at the service of selected themes and challenges.


AoH leads to participatory leadership by creating a dimension and ecology in which each participant is responsible and a guarantor of the process and results.


It is particularly useful and effective in dealing with complex issues and challenges.


How to explain "participatory leadership" in one sentence?


"Imagine a meeting of 60 people in which you would have heard from everyone, and where you would have been able within an hour to identify precisely the 5 key points on which the participants are ready to act together! "


Collective intelligence is the link between all present intelligences. It allows to multi-dimensionalize viewpoints and possibilities by revealing the living forces and the positive core of everyone. It is at this point that we multiply our capacities and enter the field of emergence.


Magic is in synergy and inspiration. It appears in the exchange and sharing of knowledge and experiences. It is in this space that the collective becomes much larger than the sum of the parts. So an idea can become great, live and come to fruition.