What is the level of engagement in your organization?

Does your corporate culture value commitment and promote its development?

What type of organization will the talents choose?


How do your employees feel?


According to a study by the Gallup Institute over more than 20 years, 195 countries, 70 languages and more than 25 mil. people, only 14% of employees surveyed are "engaged" in their work and the organization employing them.

20% of these people are actively disengaged and the vast majority (63%) are disengaged. These percentages are the European averages, and they vary according to region, country, sector of activity, industry, corporate culture, etc.


You said:


Committed: a committed employee works with passion; she/he feels involved and contributes positively to the success of the company. She/he has a strong sense of belonging to the organization.


Disengaged: an employee in this category no longer has an emotional connection with his work environment. SHe does not take initiative; does not get involved and watch the time go by.


Actively disengaged: she is an unhappy employee at work, completely demotivated who does not hesitate to share her/his frustrations and miseries with her/his colleagues. SHe undermines the morals of his entourage and turns into a detractor.


- commitment:

  - productivity (30% of - on average)

  - profitability

  - results, excellence, creativity

  + Costs: absenteeism, demotivation, health

  + Suffering, accident

  More risks of losing customers, markets ...


+ Commitment:

  + Growth, profitability, excellence

  + Agility, creativity and innovation

  + Ease in driving change

  + Customer and employee satisfaction

  + Passion, meaning, connection and quality of life at work

  - absenteeism, movement of personnel and accidents