Do you know where your organization is going?

Do you remember why you chose your work?


One company spoke with a group of children. She said, "If I were alive, if I were a human I would take good care of myself, I would respect myself, I would be useful, I would ask the right questions and I would do good around me. Girl looked at her with astonishment: "But you're not human? You're not alive?"


Beyond the promises and pursuit of objectives, key performance indicators, an organization must ask itself the same existential questions, that the humans who work there, ask themselves: who am I? Why am I here? What is my raison d'être?


The quest for meaning is not at the periphery, but at the heart of a company just as it is for the human being. Not knowing where we are going and why we are going, creates an immeasurable vacuum that even a feast of results and performances can not fill.


Tell me where you are going and maybe I will follow you. Today more than ever, humans need to know why they get up in the morning to spend half their time available at work; Out of his house and away from his family.


The meaning and the raison d'être are the link between humans, their motivations, their projects, their need for belonging and their contribution to a greater whole. This bond brings us confidence and serenity in our intentions and our commitment.


The questioning allows us to take the measure of our confusion or our clarity. What is the purpose of your business? What is his mission? Does she share her vision? Where does it deploy its resources; Its creativity; his strengths? What purpose? Does its culture support its ambitions?